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We specialize in engineering financing solutions tailored specifically for the renewable and sustainable energy sector. Our expertise lies in providing funding for renewable energy projects, energy-efficient technologies, and environmentally friendly infrastructure developments. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, we aim to support initiatives that contribute to a greener future while also delivering strong financial returns for our clients.



As the world’s population continues to grow the demand for agricultural goods and services will need to be met by innovation and development across the industry that includes, biotechnology, hardware and software.

The agritech industry encompasses a wide spectrum of activities, ranging from traditional farming practices to cutting-edge technological innovations in food production and distribution. At its foundation, agriculture forms the backbone of the industry, encompassing various farming methods, including conventional, organic, and vertical farming. Alongside farming practices, agritech integrates advanced technologies such as precision agriculture, remote sensing, and automation to optimize crop cultivation, resource management, and environmental sustainability. Additionally, the industry includes food processing and manufacturing facilities, where harvested crops are transformed into value-added products for consumers. Furthermore, agritech encompasses the development of innovative solutions for food packaging, distribution, and logistics, ensuring efficient supply chain management from farm to table. Overall, the agritech industry operates at the intersection of agriculture, technology, and food production, driving innovation and sustainability throughout the entire value chain.


Carbon Credits

Voluntary carbon markets exist to help structure the effect of emission removal or avoidance. Prices are determined by open market supply and demand, with no regulation or limit to the number of credits that can be generated.

Our funding solutions can help incentivise innovation in new decarbonisation technologies and can help to drive capital to scale existing solutions, while also creating flexibility for when and where emissions are reduced or removed.

Sectors_Crypto Mining

Crypto Mining

Stabilizing volatility, low correlation to other assets and history of performance, help to underpin bitcoin’s role as a means of exchange and store of value and crypto as its own emerging asset class.

Our service specializes in engineering comprehensive CAPEX financing solutions tailored specifically for the dynamic needs of the crypto and data industry. From acquiring state-of-the-art machines and hardware to building robust infrastructure and implementing cutting-edge technologies such as battery storage and heat usage optimization, we provide strategic financial guidance and support every step of the way. Our team leverages extensive industry expertise and a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the crypto and data sector to structure customized financing arrangements that align with our clients' business objectives. Whether it's funding for expanding mining operations, upgrading data centers, or investing in energy-efficient solutions, we offer innovative financing options designed to fuel growth, enhance efficiency, and drive long-term success in this rapidly evolving industry landscape.



We have a successful track record of financing top European clubs through receivables financing and have developed proprietary products that enable us to take our listed bond expertise into sport to provide big ticket long term listed bond financing without tying up all the Clubs assets.

Clubs find access to capital difficult without penalistic conditions that constrain their ability to grow their business.

The market remains driven by relentless revenue growth, especially in broadcast revenues. The demand from clubs for external sources of financing remains strong with a requirement for larger deal sizes and longer terms. 



Advances in technology, changes in audience preferences and culture have driven the globalisation and evolution of entertainment including immersive experiences. We specialize in crafting financing solutions designed specifically for the entertainment industry.


Our expertise encompasses funding for various entertainment projects, including film and television production, music recording and distribution, live events, and digital content creation. With a keen understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the entertainment sector, we provide tailored financial strategies to support the development, production, and distribution of creative content across diverse platforms.

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