“The sports industry is by far one of the most fascinating and exciting economies. It combines creativity, innovation, technology and finance with emotions and enthusiasm." 

Egon Habicher, Founder, Ecotonian AG

“In the past years we have seen fundamental changes in the sports economy which actually turned the industry upside down. While personal consumer behavior in combination with digital media offer a complete new world for sports clubs, leagues and related industries, the level of governance, compliance and management improved at the same time and let sports become a more mature industry." 

Dr. Christian Kruse, Founder, Ecotonian AG

Ecotonian is a Swiss management company.


We are headquartered in the heart of Zurich.




Founder and
Managing Partner
Dr. sc. ETH
Christian Kruse
Founder and
Managing Partner

About us

Ecotonian is derived from the ancient Greek word ecotonos.

It stands for our values to unite, bring together and evolve.


It describes a transition area between biomes. It is the place, where two communities meet and integrate into something new.

Ecotonian identifies and creates new opportunities by matching business communities.


Our focus is advise and development of innovative concepts and approaches for business opportunities and finance in sports and entertainment.