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Privacy Policy

Privacy & Cookies

Data privacy (which refers to the part when it pops up when you call up the website and people have to agree to the privacy/cookies policy)

Using our website typically doesn't necessitate sharing personal information. However, if we request details like name, address, or email, it's entirely optional to provide them. Rest assured, without your explicit written consent, this data remains confidential and won't be shared with any third parties.

It's important to note that transferring data over the internet, such as through email, carries inherent security risks. While we take measures to protect your information, complete immunity from unauthorized access isn't guaranteed.
We strongly oppose any use of data gathered for general informational purposes by third parties for unsolicited advertising or promotional material. In the event of such misuse, we reserve the right to take legal action, including against spam emails or other unsolicited communications.

We employ Google Analytics, a service by Google, to analyze how users engage with our website. This data is collected anonymously, and we examine website patterns without identifying individual users. For instructions on managing or removing these cookies, please visit
Please be aware that Ecotonian reserves the right to update this policy as needed. Your use of this website implies your acknowledgment and acceptance of this Privacy & Cookie Policy.

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