Our World of Sports 



Understanding Trends


Understanding trends based on intensive analysis is the basis for finding and describing shifts in a specific market. We constantly screen the changes and upcoming developments. We divide the sports industry into three major market segments. 


1. The Sports Goods Market (appareil, footwear, equipment)

2. The Sports Market (sponsorship, gate revenues, media rights, merchandising)

3. The Sports Finance and Investment Market. 


That's where we get our ideas. 



Identifying Market Opportunities


Ecotonian's major goal is to match business communities or opportunities. As the landscape of the sports economy is changing so fast, fascinating opportunities evolve and allow new ideas to enter the market and succeed.


At the same time, new players are getting into the market building new connections and businesses. 


That's where we help to build and grow new or existing strategies.















Develop & Manage

Developing and managing business solutions


In a changing industry, orientation is key. Following smart strategies based on the understanding of the core developments in technology and money flow within the industry will allow introducing new market ideas and the placement of smart products and services.


We at Ecotonian develop those strategies, products, and services and initiate the market development strategy.


That's how we do our business. 


Learn more about how we see the changes, that drive the sports industry towards a more mature economy and a global mega business. 


Understand what the key drivers are and why this is a sign for social change and a new customer buying and consumption behavior.


Identify the new market opportunities and business approaches which derive from that trends.


Talk to us! We are looking forward to it.